Salaam! Tales from Persia and Oman..

In September we flew into Tehran, capital of modern day Iran, part of the ancient kingdom of Persia. I'd heard that it's the most beautiful country on earth.


Over two weeks, we drove through the Iranian and Omani deserts, visited Persian gardens, mosques and tombs, towers, gates and palaces around the country.  Saw astounding crown jewels. Best of all we met the friendly and charming Iranian people. This was a photography tour, escorted by a world-famous National Geographic photographer and a young Iranian woman photographer who won the prestigious National Portraiture Prize last year.


The hotels in Iran were fairly basic but what we saw and photographed more than made up for it.


Then we had another week by ourselves in Oman, a small sultanate on the southern coast of the Arabian peninsula with stunning scenery. For that part I booked the hotels - I know you'll like them.


It was a different and wonderful trip where I fell in love with the colours of the desert, the amazing architecture.  It's still there for you to read. 



"I never travel without my diary.  

One should always have something

sensational to read on the train."  

                                - OSCAR WILDE

shelley dark 

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