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I'm going to the island of Hydra in Greece in the middle of February. To be honest, I’m absolutely breathless with excitement. It’s all to do with research for the book I’m intending to write. It’s a tough gig. 😊 
If it’s any consolation, it won’t look like this: more likely it will be chilly, damp and overcast. 
I’ve just booked the flights and accommodation, but already there have been the most remarkably serendipitous and goosebumpy co-incidences!  


This diary is going to be quite different from those I’ve done before. The entries will be shorter and there will be far fewer photos because I’ll be working, and the price is less at $20. 😉 But I’m dying to share it with you. Except I can’t reveal all or I’ll spoil the book! 




    shelley dark, writer 

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