If you're used to buying online, just SKIP THESE INSTRUCTIONS. If not, this will help.

Take a photo of these points with your phone to read it as you go.

1. click on the trip you want - you do not  need a PAYPAL account. 

2. on the next page, specify how many trips you want, press ADD TO CART

3. a cart will come up on the right hand side, click VIEW CART

4. another page will come up, click PAYPAL at the bottom right - you do not need a PAYPAL account

5. put in your country and state - click CONTINUE

6. you'll see a page about free shipping - click CONTINUE

7. click CHECKOUT WITH PAYPAL - you do not need a PAYPAL account

8. on the next page if you don't have a paypal account, choose PAY BY DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD 

9. fill in your details, VOILA!

"I never travel without my diary.  

One should always have something

sensational to read on the train."  

                                - OSCAR WILDE

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