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#2 A light load

Little Cove Noosa

Yah-sas buddies! That's phonetic Greek for hello formally to one person or to a group, or yassoo informally for one person. I think. I've downloaded a podcast of Greek words called Greek Survival Phrases, and an app called Nemo. I've been listening to them at night before I go to sleep....

The daily temperatures at the moment here near Noosa are between 20ºC and 29ºC. Gorgeous balmy days. It will be 37 when I'm in Brisbane on Sunday. Hot even!

In our subtropical Queensland beach climate, we start shivering if it dips below 15ºC. So Hydra at this time of year may be a bit of a shock!

It could go as low as 5ºC and if I'm lucky as high as 15ºC. Add cloud, a little rain and/or wind and it could be very chilly! Although last week it was quite pleasant with days of 12-14ºC.

In other words, I'll be ready for anything from a Greek blizzard to mild and gorgeous. Roger.

I'm going to take a total 7.5kg of book-through (including Samsonite 72 hours small 50cm cabin bag weighing 1.5kg), plus a carryon tote sitting on top (Longchamp medium zipped le Pliage - about 5.5kg because the Macbook Pro laptop is heavy), and a handbag. The suitcase already has a folding umbrella in it, and a matching folding light overnight bag.

This is the handbag - rather fun isn't it? Or maybe should I take my more discreet dark grey YSL leather tote with attached zipped purse inside? Probably. What do you think? I won't lose the notebook anyway!

I'll take this same down jacket as I have for the past few trips - it's a German brand, Marc Cain, and is as light as a feather and as warm as toast. It squashes into a tiny little bag for packing. It's not strictly waterproof but I'm taking a few of those disposable clear plastic ponchos to put on over my clothes.

The Ziera shoes are the only ones I'm taking and I've waterproofed them to within an inch of their lives. If I dip the whole toe in water, it just beads on the surface. The mink headband is in lieu of a beanie, and can also be worn as a collar. The cashmere-lined leather gloves are Fratelli Orsini. Probably won't need either.

This is what I'll work in at night: grey Sass & Bide cashmere jumper and soft black wool Mountain Design leggings. Cashmere sox (I'll take a few pairs) and apple watch (pressie for my last big '0 birthday from John and the kids - love it!)

Knockabout day clothes - Transit pants, San Grasso spotted top and Brunello Cucinellli cashmere jumper. Cashmere is so snuggly and so warm, and its lightness solves the weight problem almost single handedly.

An armani T with Max Mara oyster cashmere jumper - so so soft!

Another Armani T with a soft Swarovski sparkly bracelet I bought a few years ago in Singapore and have hardly taken off since, fabric and suede brooch by Fabiana Fillipi.

A pair of Brunello Cucinelli velvet pants, belt by same designer, and a Tina Jo silk satin top.

One black outfit: black turtleneck cashmere jumper by Jac + Jack. Black pants with discreet sparkles on front of leg by Marella (part of the Max Mara group, so I've read). Same Brunello Cucinelli belt - it's tan leather at one end, bling at the other. Sand coloured cashmere scarf which doubles as a wrap by Fabiana Fillippi. Big fat fake pearls by goodness knows whom.

All of the clothes above are stacked here on the bed. Take out what I'm wearing and what's left weighs 5.19 kg. Can you believe it?? What on earth did I used to pack???

So there's plenty of room for undies, Sussan nightie, pills and potions/makeup plus camera charger and cord, and power board to stay around the 7.5kg. I don't take hairdryer or shampoo. I'll take conditioner. Oh and a rag hat by Helen Kaminski and a grey cap.

In the carryon bag I'll put my Macbook Pro laptop, Sony super-zoom camera (not taking a biggie - too heavy), electrical adaptor for Greece, phone and watch chargers, hair brush and basic makeup including my favourite Lancome night cream to slather on in the plane.

I also have:

1. 3 copies of plane tickets and train/ferry tickets (one in each bag)

2. digital copies of all my reservations and tickets on both my laptop and on my phone

3. three copies (one in each bag) of a printed packing list with brand names, plus serial numbers of 'devices' so that if I ever lose my luggage I have a shopping list and an insurance claim list, plus details of travel insurance and emergency phone numbers

4. an A4 sheet with photo of passport and credit cards

So, including the clothes I'm wearing on the plane there are:

4 long pants (one pair are leggings)

4 jumpers (I really only need 2)

4 tops

undies and bras

3 sox

1 shoes

1 belt

1 puffer jacket

1 gloves

1 headband

1 scarf

1 cashmere wrap

1 rag hat

1 cap


My next post, next week, will be from Athens!

PLEASE READ THIS: I don't know how much work I'll have to do each night on Hydra, so while I'll write and publish a website post for you each night, I may run out of time to send you the email link to it. So if you don't receive an email link, just check the Travellers page of the website each day using the password yassoo. (Or keep the emails I have sent already and use the same link)

Here's your flower for today - it's not Greek, but next week it will be!

Thank you for your comments on the last post - it's fun reading them and when I'm away I feel as if you're there too.

Until next week, ta léme! (pronounced ta_LAY_meh) - see you later!

shelley dark, writer 

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