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What's happening? Right now, just hunkering down to wait out the virus, nursing a broken ankle, and trying to focus on working on my novel. Much like most of you. Much of my recent travel has been for research for this book. I've just cancelled a trip to France and Italy in June/July (for fun), and one to Athens and Hydra in Aug/Sept. 
So why not do a little e-travelling in the meantime? The diaries that previously needed a password are available to all on the TRIPS pages: Monaro, Tasmania, England and Ireland, Hydra, Istanbul, and Turkey, Barcelona, Paris, India, France, Iran, Oman, Japan, Gwinganna, and South Africa - see the Travellers Reviews page for what my customers say. 
I've always loved photography, writing and the idea of luxury travel.  I sit up at night on my trips to edit my photos and write, capturing my impressions of the country, architecture, customs, shopping, art, history, people, food and design. 
Stay your distance from each other, a happy reading!

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"I never travel without my diary.  

One should always have something

sensational to read on the train."  

                                - OSCAR WILDE

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