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I have my head down, working on my novel and I can't wait to finally share it with you!
The last diary posts were about my trip to Monaro early in 2019, discovering new things about the hero of my book - you'll find it on the diary page. Never fear, I'll be back travelling in 2020.
Last summer was a lazy two months in Tasmania - I hope you joined me on this leisurely trip - the diary was gratis again this time and is available on the diary page. If you'd like to hear my news from now on just fill in your email on the form which appeared on this page. 
I've been researching and writing an historical novel and my travels in 2018 were aimed at that. Hydra in February, Malta in April, England and Ireland in September. 
Previously I was selling subscriptions to my trips - they're still there in the shop if you'd like to read them: Istanbul, Barcelona, Paris, India, France, Iran, Oman, Japan and South Africa - see the Travellers Reviews page for what my customers say. My trip to London and Ireland last year is on the diary page, underneath Tassie. Just keep scrollling.
I've always loved photography, writing and the idea of luxury travel.  I sit up at night on my trips to edit my photos and write, capturing my impressions of the country, architecture, customs, shopping, art, history, people, food and design. 
Each time I post, I send my subscribers a link. It's as if you're there with me, seeing what I see, feeling what I feel - laughing with me, sharing the fun, wondering, like me, what's going to happen tomorrow. With lots of handy hints for travel planning and packing. 

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