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2. Gertie the Gremlin is here

This email is mainly about some technical website stuff.

a. I just accidentally deleted all your lovely comments under my first diary post (no don’t ask how. I’m hoping that SUPPORT can help me to get them back. That post looks very lonely without all your happy convo down under!) Maybe that first post may have to disappear before it reappears with comments. And b. I just realised that some of you are on the ordinary subscribers list as well as the travellers list, and so would have had a letter today about the style guide, which you should not have received AGAIN.

I now know what lists are and how confusing they are. I need a nicely decorated office with a nerd, and a secretary and an office manager and a list manager, and probably someone to get the tea and chocolate fingers. And a big white high-ceilinged space just for sitting and dreaming. Oh yes, and a suitcase packer (and a laundress beforehand).

Tomorrow I will go through the list and delete any of you from the subscribers list who are on both. I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again - the lists seem to fraternise overnight while I am sleeping. Please forgive the blips as they happen. I am beginning to realise the full sophistication of some of the features I want. It's not major but I want this to be seamless for you.

And I’m sorry about that wretched pop up which jumps into your face when you are trying to read a web page. SUPPORT has told me to leave it there while they figure out why you keep seeing it even after you have signed up once. (so you end up on the list twice, three times etc)

This is all boring stuff and I will try not to talk about it again.

Tomorrow I will do an abbreviated itinerary for you, so you can be thinking about where we are going and you can google where we are staying. There’s every chance that we will depart from the daily plans, but it gives us a starting point.

It’s only exactly 3 weeks till we depart, and I’ll be away from home for 5 days this week. Suddenly everything seems so close! Again thank you for your faith in me. I love you for it.

much love


shelley dark, writer 

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