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3. The Itinerary!

I’m a slight control freak as you might have guessed from the level of detail in that packing guide. Except, once I have things down clearly, then I am quite happy to spontaneously depart from plans, knowing there’s the security of the planned fallback behind me. Make sense?

Here’s a rough itinerary for you so you know where we are going, and where we are staying - just click on the link below - the document is actually on the reference page next to this one. We’re still discussing our plans for Paris so that part could change.

We’ve organised this tour using day tour companies as we go, ones with plenty of good reviews. At the end of the trip I’ll give you a list of the companies I’d use again. Please feel free to mention in the comments below things you think I’ve overlooked, or hints, or questions you’d like answered - remember I’ve never been to Turkey or Istanbul or Barcelona before! And I think you could live in Paris and still not see all the things there are to see!

Ok babies that’s it for today. Click HERE and it will take you to the itinerary. A bientôt!

PS the very clever photo of the Blue Mosque was taken by a person called Dersaadet - it's in the public domain provided it's credited. And I'm sorry that popup keeps happening, asking you to sign up again - you don't need to do it ever again - your name is indelibly printed in my brain. Truly.

shelley dark, writer 

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