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  • Shelley Dark

13. Saturday in Paris

Paris is magic. Simply magic. Every time I come here, I fall in love with the city all over again.

Do you know one of the things I love about Paris? I love the way that niceties must come first. I love that it's important to say 'Bonjour madame' or 'Bonjour monsieur' first before you say anything else. There's a relationship established before any business happens. There's a respect. It can't be rushed. It's a little like 'namaste' in India where you take time before you speak to acknowledge the soul of the other person.

Ritual is important. It's reassuring. It's elegant!

I had breakfast this morning at Le Meurice. Above you can see a sheet given to me by the concierge, with their very own paper clip! There are two greyhounds on it because during major renovations in 1905, the staff took in a stray greyhound, another was acquired to be its mate, and hey presto, a logo was born!

Breakfast was at the invitation of my friend @paris_scribe on Instagram. I liked her instantly online and we've become friends in real life as well. The first real meeting was last year in Paris. Today it was so nice to see her again! Loved her choice of venue. Cally and I had a glass of champagne there last year with one of your fellow travellers, Coco. There's such a presence about historic places like Le Meurice.

Breakfast went on till noon. Which I'll tell you about tomorrow.

John and I did a little sightseeing this afternoon. He'd say a lot. Often when we start off in the morning, he asks me to walk a little more slowly. I can see Cally (my travelling companion last year) nodding. But this afternoon on the way home at 5pm, he set such a cracking pace I was falling behind a little.

He stopped, turned to me with a big grin, and said 'I'm like Valda aren't I?' When we were first married, one of the horses was called Valda. She was a big strong mare whom he had inherited from another owner. She wasn't easy to control. She bolted with me once, but that's another story! As soon as she was turned for home, she'd break into a canter, and then a gallop if allowed.

That made me laugh. A fitting analogy!

I've so much more to tell you about today. But tonight it's time for an early night. Tell you tomorrow, ok?

Until then, travelling buddies......

shelley dark, writer 

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