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  • Shelley Dark

17. Massage Room, Argos in Cappadocia

This is what is called a Spa Special. And what a spa. A spa with a view.

This is not a hammam, but a massage room in the European sense, and it has been open a year. I think.

It is high on the hill above the main part of the hotel, the brainchild of its therapist, Kubra Sahin. Her English is not perfect, but from what I could make out, she persuaded those in power to create the spa for guests.

Cally and I both had a reflexology treatment, mainly because we have already checked out of the hotel (a late checkout at 2pm) so we didn’t feel like having a shower and washing our hair after a massage. There don’t seem to be facials. I think though that Kubra would love to do more. There isn’t a lot of promotion of the spa but if people only knew the view, and the gorgeousness of Kubra, it would be busy all day! I looked on the website and there is no mention of the massage room.

What a beautiful girl, inside and out. We chatted after the treatment (heaven) and she told me that she feels that if she touches the body, she touches the soul. Even if the treatment is only for the feet.

I have heard before from therapists that when they treat someone with positive energy they feel energised at the end of the day. If they treat a negative spirit, they themselves ache with fatigue. It’s an interesting theory don’t you think?

Kubra’s question to me was, where is the handsome kind man for me? I told her to be patient. He is coming. I believe it. She said that we are going to love Ephesus.

With that brief post travelling mates, I’ll leave you.

shelley dark, writer 

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