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#1 London and Cork September 2018

dying to see my Kensington apartment!

dying to see the Kensington apartment!

The last time I went to England was so long ago I can't even remember the year. And I only spent a couple of days there. This time I'm spending three weeks, plus a week in and around Cork. It's mainly for research, but I'll be showing you the sights as well. I can't wait!

I'd love to have my husband John come with me, but he doesn't enjoy cities, and it would probably distract me from the job at hand. Which is also why I haven't asked a girlfriend to come with me. I'm going it alone. For a month. It's going to be very different. A little bit scary. And very exciting.

I have a mission: I'm writing an historical novel, based on real people in the early nineteenth century.

There's been research trips to Hydra and Malta this year, and Canberra and Sydney - with days searching in archives and libraries, scanning copperplate script documents until I was giddy. I've read history books until I looked like one.

I've had some startling discoveries already - documents containing exciting information I haven’t read anywhere in published literature on the subject. It's very addictive!

There are still a couple of really important questions left. Difficult ones which could change the whole storyline of the book. I have my fingers crossed.

I really missed writing my diary for Malta in May. I missed having your company.

So here we are! I'm so happy to be taking you on this journey of discovery with me. If you're already on my mailing list you'll get the links. If you're not, just leave your email address here, on the popup form, and I'll add you.

And if you don't receive any emails, check your junk mail!

I haven't worked out my packing yet, but I will in the next week and I’ll photograph it for you. London has been hot and dry late into the season this year - hopefully September will be lovely autumn weather.

Here's something to whet your floral appetite - a few foxglove spires - so frightfully English!

I'll let you know the itinerary in a week or so too. There's the National Archives at Kew, and its counterpart in Cork. Plus I'll take you sightseeing - lots of goodies including the Design Museum, the Frida exhibition at the V & A, the Soane Museum, a flower market or two, Somerset House and the Design Biennale, Petersham Nurseries, and of course, a bit of window shopping. We'll drive through the Irish countryside as well. And I'm meeting up with a couple of Insta-mates! You and I are going to have great fun together!

We leave 30th August. Until then, I wait you,

shelley dark, writer 

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