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  • Shelley Dark

#6. Falmouth

Here we are in Falmouth, population 102 according to the 2016 census. It could just be the most liveable town in Australia!

If there were a main street here, and I don't think there is, you could shoot a cannon and not hit a soul. Especially not a shopkeeper, because there aren't any shops. This is a tree-lined street in town, dirt surface with neatly mown verges and no gutter.

​A street corner in town. It's the most delicious time warp.

There's a vast range of housing, from dilapidated shacks....

.... to very smart holiday homes.

The headland overlooks an attractive white sandy beach to its north.

There's quiet waist-deep water in the creek for children, a surfing break on the open beach....

​and fun rogue waves sweeping into the creek between the two.

Our self-contained cottage is just south of the township in a 4-cabin development called Saltwater.

With grounds of slashed grass and hardy plants like proteas.

The view from our king bed - the floor to ceiling windows are shuttered. There's a kitchenette with a bar frig and basic electrical appliances (including a nespresso machine, yes!). We were a little worried about ice supplies when we saw the bar frig, but John has worked out that he can make ice in the little tin pie pans in ONE HOUR so our ice problems are over. We might even be Falmouth's first entrepreneurs - a takeaway ice business!

​We have a view of the ocean from everywhere, including the bath tub. Plus a rear terrace with little Weber barbeque.

​There's white gravel all round, two sun lounges and a big umbrella. Apart from the orange-stained wood picnic table and chairs right in my view line (I'm going to have to paint them) this is absolute heaven.

It was a pleasant country drive from Opossum Bay to here, via Sorell with its impressive antique shop.

Somehow (blame Siri) we took a wrong turn and ended up going a back road for part of the way.

Past mown paddocks ready for haymaking. I'm glad we won't be here for the long cold winter....

Up and over mountains...

​A brief visit to Kate's Berry farm, but we were on a mission to have lunch at Lobster Shack Bicheno!

We had to stop though at Devils Corner Winery - it's owned by Brown Bros. That's a viewing platform.

There are two buzzing restaurants serving pizza and seafood, plus a cellar door where we bought a super Devils Corner Resolution Riesling.

We'd resisted all temptation to eat before we arrived at the Loster Shack Bicheno! When we asked this repair man for future reference where we could buy oysters from the grower, he said 'Oysters? Don't ask me about oysters! I hate them. Can't even stand the look of them!'

​We had a lobster roll each. Pre-made and boxed, they came out of the refrigerator. Despite the very yummy lobster and the beautifully piquant Lobster Shack dill dressing, they lacked the spontaneity of something freshly made with crusty bread. I guess they're just too popular to be able to do that. Having said that, I'd still go back again!